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Albinar 500mm f/8 Super Telephoto Mirror Lens for Canon EOS

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Quick Overview

500mm f/8 Mirror Lens
T2 Mount for Canon EOS

Product Description

This Studio Series lens is computer-designed using a combination of lenticular light refraction and reflection

optics--the same physics used in many professional telescopes. Combined with advanced manufacturing

techniques, the result is a lens with very sharp picture quality with less color abberation which is considered the

most harmful factor in the field of telephoto photography.

The Albinar Catadioptric or Reflex Mirror Lens is a highly developed computer designed product, using the

merits of both reflex optics and refraction optics. This gives you very sharp picture quality with less color

aberration, which is considered the most harmful factor in the field of telephoto photography.

Focusing is accomplished while viewing the subject through the view-finder of your camera and rotating the

focusing ring. Since the aperture is preset, you will find under certain light conditions a shadow appearance on

the split-image section of your focusing screen. In this case, simply focus on the edges of your subject with the

outer center of your fresnel prism.


Normal ( IA Skylight ) : This filter should be used whenever no other filter is necessary.

ND 2X and ND 4X ( Neutral Density ) : This filters control the light passage since no diaphragm system is

provided in the reflex lens. Exposure factor is 4 times with a ND4X, i.e., the light in-take through the lens is

decreased similarly as it, stopping-down a normal lens with an aperture, by 2 stops.


* Use with SLR & DSLR cameras

* A Multi-coated low-dispersion glass capable of producing sharp, high definition images

* Lens Type: 500 mm f/8 Telephoto Mirror


* Mirror Lens

* Front and Rear lens caps

* Storage Pouch

* 30.5mm filters - ND2, ND4 and Skylight

* T2-EOS mount adapter

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